About us

Jelen Plc. headquarters

Company Liatris-Deer Rick d.o.o. was established in 1992. year. It is a family company, which has been successfully operating for many years. Primarily it was oriented to the masonry and funerary equipment. Over the years began activity timber, production of wood elements, the function of the sawmill and production program to produce oak and beech elements. Among other activities, it is important to emphasize the activity of plastics, recycling, production of tools and molds, machinery and transport services. In a business environment of enterprises, there is a restaurant that should soon begin operations.

Drvna industrija

Liatris-Jelen plast d.o.o.

Timber space extends to approximately 20,000 m², and you belong to: sawmill, processing, raw material for lager, lager for finished goods and waste wood, wood steaming chambers and workshops - grinding shop.

A method of manufacture comprising:
- Transportation of raw materials (oak and beech)
                     - Transportation of logs on lager
                     - Shipping timber lift trucks to conveyor
                     - Sawing process
                     - Storage
                     - Steaming chamber (process 36 hours)
                     - Sales of semi-finished furniture manufacturing
                     - Processing of semi-finished oak to oak elements

It is important to note that the sawmill has a monthly capacity of log processing approximately 3,000 m³ and finishing oak elements approximately 250 m³!

Proizvodnja plastike

Liatris-Jelen plast d.o.o.

The production facility for the manufacture of plastics located in Nearby timber and includes approximately 1,500 m² of which approximately 800 m² production and approximately 700 m² storage area.

Production includes:
- Supplying raw materials
                     - Manufacture of injection-molded plastic containers and objects of all kinds of granules for various purposes
                     - Production of blown plastic containers for packaging food products, detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other purposes
                     - Production of tools and molds blown up and injected plastic packaging